CRUXGRIP Liquid Chalk vs. Regular Chalk


Is CRUXGRIP liquid chalk better than traditional chalk? At OnCrux, we are here to provide for your needs, whether they be sanitizing liquid chalk or premium traditional chalk.

Sanitizing Liquid Chalk

Athletes prefer liquid chalk because it keeps hands drier for longer, requires less application, it’s less messy than powder chalk, and is easier to carry compared to traditional chalk. Overall, most athletes would agree that liquid chalk is more convenient.

Due to the global pandemic, many gyms require sanitizing liquid chalk. Traditional chalk is no longer allowed! Our liquid chalk, CRUXGRIP, keeps hands dry so you can continue training safely!

Traditional Powdered Chalk

Some athletes don't face these indoor restrictions because they go outdoors, and some just prefer traditional performance chalk. We get it! For those who prefer traditional chalk, we offer high-quality performance chalk in addition to our sanitizing liquid chalk.

So is CRUXGRIP Liquid Chalk Better than Traditional Chalk?

The main difference between liquid chalk and regular chalk is simply the form - liquid vs. solid. Liquid takes the shape of its container, so when you use liquid chalk it fills the crevices in your hands. This offers more coverage for a better application.

If you’re training indoors, go for liquid chalk. If you find yourself outdoors more, maybe traditional chalk is for you. If you sweat more, liquid chalk might be better. We recommend trying both to see for yourself which works for you best.


 Liquid Chalk vs. Regular Chalk (Traditional Performance Chalk)




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