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2 oz CRUXGRIP Chalk Sock

2 oz CRUXGRIP Chalk Sock

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The CRUXGRIP chalk sock releases the perfect amount of chalk while keeping your workout area cleaner. Did we mention it’s easily refillable?

The CRUXGRIP Chalk Sock is available in one size and is filled with 56g of our high quality CRUXGRIP Powder Chalk.

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  • Hygienic

    Sanitizing formula CRUXGRIP liquid chalk contains 70% ethanol to sanitize your hands.

  • Less Mess

    CRUXGRIP liquid chalk stays on your hands longer with minimal chalk transfer.

  • Less Irritation

    CRUXGRIP liquid chalk contains the highest quality ingredients to minimize skin irritation.

  • Pure Ingredients

    CRUXGRIP loose chalk uses the purest and highest quality magnesium carbonate.

  • No Fillers or Drying Agents

    CRUXGRIP loose chalk is 100% magnesium carbonate, no fillers or drying agents that damage and irritate skin.

  • Less Greasy

    CRUXCARE salve is less greasy and sticky allowing you to touch things without leaving residues behind.

  • Fast Absorbing

    CRUXCARE salve absorbs into your skin quickly for faster drying.

  • Soothes Skin

    CRUXCARE salve heals minor cuts and flappers while also moisturizing and repairing dry skin.

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1. Insert loose powder chalk into sock

2. Squeeze sock to apply chalk

3. You’re ready to go!